Livspace Overview

When it comes down to the combination of sourcing and delivering the ultimate craftsmanship from design to execution, Livspace is the ideal choice. The company is reputed as India’s most trusted home interiors and renovation brand, providing complete end-to-end solutions through their team of exceptional designers, dependable service & brand partners, and well-trained project managers. The brand showcases their innovation and ingenuity through unique Experience Centers across cities, where customers can walk-in and visualise examples of interiors for their homes

Problem statement - faced selected few or most of the below challenges :

  • End to End management & Coordination with Dealers, Clients and vendor.
  • Helpdesk support for queries with fast-track report
  • Increasing Customer Loyalty

Outcome - One-stop shop for all things home interiors, Where 7C’s take the (lit & non-lit) arch gate installation responsibility at Pan India with Successful deployment of branding and that too within predefined timeline that was 15 days with 200+ Quantity.

  • We are delightful with our customers by giving them real time tracking updates which includes fabrication process till the products dispatched and delivered.
  • We gave an assurance; we provide 100% Quality check reports available along with pictures and satisfactory letters.

7C'S Communication

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